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Roza Shorsh Ali’s (the top GPA university student) Speech.

“Dears, families, guests, lecturers, staff, students, and graduating class of 2017, welcome to the first graduation ceremony of Komar University. It is my distinct pleasure and honor to be standing here addressing you all today. Before I begin, I want to acknowledge our brave peshmarga’s, and not just them, but …

The First Graduation Commencement of Komar University

On October 21st , Komar University of Science and Technology conducted their first graduation commencement. The total of 78 students graduated from 5 different departments: Accounting, e- Commerce and Information Management from Business College, Civil, Environment and Petroleum from Engineering College. Student’s families, friends, university shareholders along with a number of …

Gardenia speech

My name is Gardenia Essam, and I am a Medical Laboratory Science Graduate. I am beyond glad that we’ve finally made it, and all of our hard work has paid off, we’re all ready to take the next important step in our lives. So I am grateful to stand in …

Danya Omid Ghareeb

Praise be to the Almighty My name is Danya Omid, the valedictorian for the academic year 2019-2020. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supportive family and the guidance of my instructors. Komar University has been a brightening path for my academic journey. Komar has given me …