The First Graduation Commencement of Komar University

On October 21st , Komar University of Science and Technology conducted their first graduation commencement. The total of 78 students graduated from 5 different departments: Accounting, e- Commerce and Information Management from Business College, Civil, Environment and Petroleum from Engineering College. Student’s families, friends, university shareholders along with a number of Sulaimani city’s officials made the day extraordinary for the graduate students.   

After the welcoming speech and a moment of silent as appreciation for the former Iraqi President, Mr. Jalal Talabani and Kurdistan’s martyrs, the ceremony opening with the speech of the University President (Dr. Salah Aziz). He highlighted that his dream always was to have a high quality education system in Kurdistan, thus since 2006 he continuously worked in order to get the official approval and financial support for his project. As he stated, “Today with the first group of graduate students of 78 students 33 of them already has job, and some others have their own private business, I fulfilled his dream.” Hence, he had submitted his resignation to the Board of Trustees. 

 Dr. Kamal Towfeq as a keynote speaker from Florida State University emphasized the importance of choosing the right path for their future and the importance of the Knowledge, Science and Ethics that they have taken from the university. Dr. Towfeq stated, “Luckily, Komar University of Science and Technology has already prepared you for all of these options. If you choose to go further with your postgraduate, the curricula that you studied at Komar will allow you a smooth transition to any international university.  Komar University has chosen to adopt the American System of higher education in all of its programs. This system is recognized by all universities and institutions around the world”.    

Roza Shorsh Ali the top GPA university student gave her speech. She advises her fellow graduate students by stating, “A university degree is a wonderful tool in this world, one that opens many doors of opportunity. With everything that is going on in Kurdistan now and has been going on for the past few years, it may difficult to look forward to the future and be optimistic, but let us all take this personal success as an example of how anything is truly possible when we put our minds to it”.

The ceremony was concluded with the President Dr. Aziz and the departments’ chairpersons awarding graduate students with Diploma (Bachelor of Science degree in their specialty).